Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Soaping with Phebe in the Studio

We got a nice size shipment of soap base in last week 
so there are a few pounds to spare for us girls to play with 
on a chilly, almost-October rainy day. 
Phebe came up for the design for these little soaps with starfish and fishies,
we are calling them sea scapes. 

They are scented with white grapefruit and a little bit or rosemary, 
as rosemary in fact means "Dew of the Sea."
One little sea scape she filled with starfish while the other has all cute little fish swimming in it.
The fish & starfish are made with those flexy
silicone molds intended for making fancy ice cubes, from ikea.
  Of course we had to fill in the time and make some extra girly
tiny guest soaps
while our big soaps cooled.
These little molds are perfect for soaping with small children
as most do not have the patience
to wait for large soaps to cool.  
I bought LOTS of these silicone molds this week, 
today was the perfect day to put them to use ~
Pink Poodles  &   Flower Power!
Here are Phebe's Seascapes all complete.
They remind me of schools of fish swimming around in an aquarium.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Polyjuice Potion

We had a 'first' in our business this weekend we actually sold 100% out of one of our soap varieties which is something we try to avoid happening.
Polyjuice  Potion is our super citrus-y, Harry Potter inspired soap, 
maybe it sold so well this weekend due to Halloween being around the corner.

We had a great weekend vending at the Adirondack Balloon Festival and there are many more photos to share from the event. But here is a little taste of Sunday Morning when ballooning conditions were perfect and all the balloons launched.

I was pretty jealous when Mr. ADKaromahterapy described how amazing it was
 as I was home with the kids,  I hope we can all go next year.

After a day or 2 or recuperating from getting up before dawn all weekend he was back in the studio today, restocking us on Polyjuice for this weekend in Lake George.  
The smell of this soap is so over-the-top fruity, 
if I am outdoors in the yard and he is making this soap, 
I can tell the second the scent hits the melted soap, 
it wafts all through the neighborhood.

This soap has also been on the popular beauty/style blog : 

as well as being entered for a book about fan art inspired by the Harry Potter series. 
We have no idea if the book will ever get off the ground but here is the shot we submitted.

Source: via Gretchen on Pinterest

photo is by our photographess supreme Susan Cosgrove from Toronto Ontario, who just happens to have relaunched her website this month, 
so please take a peek at some of her unique photographic work with special needs children.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adirondack Balloon Festival 2012 , 1/2 Way Thru

Mr. ADKaromatherapy reported a few photos from the field early this a.m. 

I am home with the kids who happen to be literally climbing the walls as I type this, 
it is a rainy weekend & the munchkins are getting stir crazy!

Some balloons went up yesterday and the day before too I think.
But it does look like there will be a lack of ballooning friendly weather for the rest of the day today. 
These balloons pictured here went up around 6:30 this a.m.
Hoping I can post a few more tomorrow.

This last pic is my favorite of the day - LUMOS~! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lavender bottles - More Upycling Adventures

Still dreaming up more ways to recycle my spent essential oil bottles! 
What to do with all these bottles I refuse to throw out? 

Today's project involved some dried lavender sprigs from the garden 
as well as some lavender dentata essential oil from France. 
I am calling these 'aroma rescue' bottles. 
A couple tiny sprigs of lavender flower with a few drops of lavender oil per bottle.

This is a good gift to buy for that stressed out person at the office to put on her desk! 
Open the cork, take a whiff, and you have yourself a quick lavender aromatherapy fix.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Morning Glory

All over the yard, back and front, Purple Morning Glories have self seeded. 
I had 2 old baby cribs that I no longer need to use for babies, 
so I am using these old crib rails to train my morning glory vines upwards.

As lovely as they are I was disappointed that none of this year's Morning Glories 
were that glorious sky blue color.
 Until today ....

 This plant is trailing up 1 of my recently transplanted rose bushes, 
the blooms are gigantic, a good 5 inches across. 
So I finally get my blue morning glories, 
right before what will most likely be the first frost in just a few days.
As is usually the case, better late than never! 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Potion Bottles and Pre-Halloween Production Mode

A common thread on soaping forums is , WHAT to do with all those empty essential oil and fragrance bottles. I am a huge fan of recycling, I NEVER throw out my empty bottles and these are still perfectly good bottles! Just not suitable for aromatherapy use anymore. 

This time of year poses the perfect solution .....

witch bottles ....

Glow in the dark snakes and lizards

Ghost bottles ....

Pendant party favors for the kiddos, 
whatever is left over at the end of the season gets handed out to trick or treaters!

Not sure if I will be listing many of these online they will mostly go to the fall craft shows & harvest vending events but if you see  a bottle you really like I will list it on etsy for you! This last one is my favorite I am kind of hoping some of these do not sell ....

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mass Production

If I make 40-50 of something that is about as mass production as I get around here. 
Sunday I made 40 lip balms and 40 amber perfume balms. Up to my elbows in beeswax, I was!

Next week we have the Adirondack Balloon Festival which is 1 of the biggest events in the area and amounts to a total of over 20 hours of vending in 3 days. 
This past weekend's event also sold us out of lots of stuff as Mr. ADKaromatherapy had a successful 2 days at Lakeside Farms event Saturday & Sunday, even in the midst of a tornado watch.  

Here is a photo of the balms looking all nicely packaged up I just had to take a photo while they look so nice and crisp and fresh, before they get exposed to the elements! 
The ambers are in Dark Amber, Patchouli, Lavender, Vetiver, Sandalwood & Jasmine Rose, I have yet to list them on ETSY. 

 I got a nice big wholesale order via the Balloon fest last year, a massage therapist in NYC, so this year I really want to be ready for whatever happens to happen! 

 NEXT will be the perfume oil, all the roll on anointing oils need to be restocked as well as the 5 ML oils ..... but today is back to the day job of course with it being Monday and all!

Tomorrow we meet with our new web master. We are super excited to get to hand over those reigns and have a fully functional shopping cart outside of etsy for the very first time as well as not having to worry about maintaining the website ourselves anymore - making for more time for us to spend in the studio doing what we do best!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Well, there goes the neighborhood ...

My mom posted these photos on her facebook this morning, this is literally my family's front yard. Trucks came in this weekend and have begun demolishing the little forest I grew up in.

Thank you very much to the Electric Company.  

This is just a few feet away from the house I grew up in.

What a change from 30+ years ago,
 what a change from a few days ago! 

The power company is apparently deforesting the whole mountain I spent my childhood on,
Known Locally as 'Clothier Hollow'.
To power new industry and provide for a more densely populated region.

 This photo here is where I used to harvest my St. John's Wort. 
No more Saint John's field for me! 
O well, who are we to stand in the way of 'progress'?