Sunday, September 18, 2016

Monday, January 5, 2015

vintage oils

working on expanding my vintage oil collection in the new year! I now have : 2 varieties of 20 year old patchouli, a 10 year old patchouli,  a 100 year old fir, and 50+ year old clove, cinnamon and wintergreen. Plus an aged vanilla on it's way.

And this ~ which I found at etsy shop 4Sanfrancisco4 ; the back story is fascinating & republished here :

But how could it be a resin - it looks like it was poured in the bottle and resin is in tears? My understanding is the first stage of oil production is taking tears and allowing them to melt together in vat straining the bark and other unwanted items (anything that might have been stuck to the resin. After slightly heating in a large barrel or stainless drum to 100degrees F the contents where then strained using an industrial stainless strainer (which we have) and then the strained resin put in more manageable 5 gallon stainless buckets. These were stored until needed in production of the oil. The resin is a thick unable to penetrate unless left in the sun or put in a warming oven at 100 degrees. Once it softens it is more conducive to put in smaller containers.

Perfectly Aged for over 30 years! Purified Resin of Frankincense recently uncovered in a dark chamber in San Francisco

1. Found recently in a 5 gallon sealed tin that was properly labeled with several other essential oils.
2. The tin has been stored in a dark, cool room since the owner purchased the Natures Herb a San Francisco Pharmacy in the 1980's
3. The Resin had previously been purified removing all traces of bark, dirt, and other misc items are usually included with the Tears.
4. Rich and flavorful - aromatic and wonderful

Thursday, April 3, 2014

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