Saturday, July 21, 2012

Work & Play !

I might be nearly always working this time of year but at least my work can be really really fun! I like to say that some days I might work 3 jobs before 9 am - filling orders in the studio while I have my coffee, followed by an hour at my secretarial position to check mail and messages, and off to teach preschool at 9 ~ ! 

So for now I am helping out at the summer preschool program ; yesterday we sailed home made boats on the beach. Luckily my 5 year old daughter Phebe can join me - she loved it as did all the kids & and it was a beautiful day on the Hudson River. The beach is located right behind our favorite spot in town the LIBRARY! Phebe also likes to call up the the lifeguard in her chair & tell her 'Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!'

In addition to summer camp Phebe spends a couple days a week at her elementary school having special education services so I spend that time  roaming her beautiful school campus searching  for plants & admiring the various botanicals. There are wooded paths everywhere on the school property, with tall tall old evergreen trees and lots of baby ones too.

 I <3 mossy areas, this looked like a fairy circle of wee little pines to me

1 of the few healthy St John's Wort plants I saw last week, we are experiencing some drought conditions here in the Adirondack region. I tried to rescue a few smaller plants with parched roots to put in my garden we will see how it goes.  

this is what blackberry briars look like in a drought - we need rain badly! 

And today was yet another busy day , spent the morning doing craft show prep & spent the day with daddy at Lake Luzerne, at the Riverside Festival. Mr ADKaromatherapy was very busy vending soaps & stuffs while we visited with a nice clown and had a long swim on lovely Lake Luzerne. It was nice to do an event close to home & be able to spend a craft show with the Mr. as he has been traveling farther and farther away for work and doing overnight shows too.

Here is the HIS' side of the tent with soaps shining like crystal gems in the sunlight

& here is the 'HERS' side of the tent, I am accumulating more & more vintage jewelry boxes for my potions  & lotions ~!

tomorrow is Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom in Lake George, still an action packed day ~ but for once an event 100% not work related!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stuff we have been making!

Summertime,  so busy busy busy in the Soap & Scent Studio! If you are local you have heard the expression 'SARATOGA - It's the August place to be!' , well it is true we will be in Saratoga for much of August & track season every Tuesday in Congress Park through Labor Day .

Source: via Bonnie - on Pinterest

Shows will be pretty much every other day in August, leaving days in between to remake & restock on  soaps & stuffs that have been selling out. So hyperdrive season it is~ to quote a jeweler from the congress park shows in previous years, ' I go to shows, I make stuff to sell at shows, I have no life!'
yes that is August~! and sometimes November/December too..... we are most likely leaving the last weekend of August open so I can go see Duran Duran in concert, a well deserved treat after an action packed month.

speaking of Duran Duran I put together a Le Bon locket yesterday to go with my series of Le Bon Tribute Scents .....Here is my Sing, Sing ..... Blue Silver Locket prototype.

Source: via Gretchen on Pinterest

 ... yes you can still find me thinking about Simon Le Bon approximately 90% of the time at age 38.
I always price my Le Bon sets at $19.58 (in honor of the year of his birth of course) 

Source: via Gretchen on Pinterest

Other non Duran related stuffs from the studio ~! :

 plenty of perfumes back in stock after switching to a new labeling & bottling system

distilling up a storm in June & July & hopefully August too as my garden starts to fill in better. Pictured here is Honeysuckle Rose Flower Water with flowers from my mom & grandmas gardens - 
3 generations of girl power AND flower power all in one bottle!

Mr. ADKaromatherapy made 12 lbs of this Dragons Blood Soap for a RenFaire a couple weeks ago , just 10 bars remain.  Last nite I challenged him to make 2 varieties of soap, we slept in this a.m. seeing as how it is Sunday, so we will see if he accepts the challenge!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

July News!

I have finally discovered this 'photos from phone' option for posting on blogger, or it has just been added to blogger options, I am not sure which. But either way I will be able to post photo blogs so much more easily & simply now, & I am all about that!  So without further ado, time to play a little catch-up -here is what Adirondack Aromatherapy has been up to so far this summer .

 Happiness is: a Wagonload of lavender plants

Clary Sage in bloom!
This plant came to NY straight from Kentucky! Sent all the way to the ADKs by my friend Jackie at Glory Be Herbals  .

What I do not have many photos of yet are pics of my new aromatic garden I planted in the backyard this summer but I can post at least a couple teasers.

I just finished the mulching yesterday; yes, my garden is always a month or so behind everyone else, try as I may every year, life just gets in the way. I will take & post more pics as the garden fills in a little better. So far I have planted: white & tea roses, lavenders, rosemarys, sages, st. johns wort,  mints, thymes, coriander, & more.

Here my St. Johns Wort oil I brewed up sets in the fairy sanctuary area of my garden.

Been picking & freezing all the black raspberries I can find.
 Catnip I rescued, growing like weeds from my neighbor's compost heap.

Morgana enjoyed the catnip immensely! 

'All the thyme in the world' 
Red thyme grows all around the Adirondack region & banks of the Hudson River - our local beach we visit at least 1x a week since it is right behind the library, where we go every other day. Support your local libraries, friends!!!!!

Wild Old Churchyard Roses - these went into my bath salts, - I mean, "Salts for the Bath."
One of the benefits of my part time job as a church secretary - access to the church gardens! 

Well that seems to be all the photos from my phone Blogspot will fetch for me for now.

We are taking a couple weekends off from craft shows to restock, regroup, work on household projects & spend time with family. We are still at the Schroon Lake Market every Thursday. There was even an article written about us in the Schroon Laker Blog. Our next weekend show will be 7/21, the Hadley Luzerne Riverside Festival, another library benefit.  Weekend after that I will be volunteering at the Corinth Library Book sale - 
Did I mention? ---->  Support your local libraries!!!!! 
Next blog will be some of the newer products we have been concocting in the studio! & Mr. ADKaromatherapy promises to post a guest blog of the renaissance fest he went to a couple weeks ago .

Friday, July 13, 2012

Back to School!

Yes I know school has not been out for a month yet here in NYS, yet here I am posting a back to school themed blog. When I was in school myself I would wonder why the back to school sales started so early in the summer. But now that I am a mom of 3, I know that no one can afford to buy all those clothes & school supplies, at once. I can't, can you?!? So I have started the back to school shopping, with getting the kids their pairs of back to school shoes over the past week.

In fact our 2 eldest children graduated from middle school just about 3 weeks ago and we will have 2 high schoolers come this September. Congratulations to my big kids, Simon & Cassidy.

Cassidy is away at camp this week & Simon has basically taken up residence in front of the xbox for the summer but luckily his friend stopped by yesterday & pried him away from the TV for long enough for a swim in the pool & a few games of Magic: The Gathering .

In other 'back to school' news, I myself am 'back to school' , finally tackling part 2 of my aromatherapy certification class.  It is a huge undertaking. My part I certification was 50 hours. My new class is 10+ chapters and over 500 hours total. So basically each chapter is the study hour equivalent of my entire first class. I am learning lots fast tho I admit at first it was hard to get my brain back into that 'student' mode again at age 38. 

I am not only spending lots of time reading & writing but also out in the field and in the garden. So look for & expect many photo blogs soon, as I embark on my aromatic & botanical adventures!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sunny Days

 Busy day in our little soap & scent studio with Mr. ADKaromatherapy  making 12 pounds of our Sunny Days soap;
how very appropriate since it has been one sunny day after another here in the Adirondacks!

 I got over a dozen perfumes put together , re-re- stocked myself on dark amber oil  and also made this ~ :

Source: via Gretchen on Pinterest