Thursday, July 25, 2013

Midsummer in the Aromagarden Year 2

Last year I decided to devote the back garden to all aromatic plants. Much mulch was purchased, many plants transplanted.
This area has mints, roses, motherwort & more mint.

Some plants returned and some did not. Losses included 6 lavender plants, 1 sage, 1 lemongrass & 1 lemon balm.
Here we have some artemesia sages & MINT

I wanted photos of the garden before I started harvesting for distillations.There is 1 lavender plant hiding behind the mints somewhere.

I call this the fairy sanctuary area of the garden. Just a few stray mints in this area, mostly red thyme.

I seem to have 2 varieties of oregano, 1 that blooms pink; 1 white.

the white oregano

the first distillation I plan on doing is the lemon thyme, this stuff smells amazing.

This is my GIANT comfrey plant that Jackie from GloryBe Herbals gave me last year, it got huge!
Next summer I plan to scatter lots of seed, see what comes up and let mother nature take the wheel.

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