Thursday, January 3, 2013

Small Business Advice for 2013

This list is compiled from a facebook post.  HAPPY 2013 to everyone! Here is some advice from small business owners, from people who have been in business for a few months to already established businesses. Hopefully some of what is said here will resonate with you and inspire you if you are working towards building a successful business.


Switch from 'High End' to 'Value' products

 "hear" and "trust" that inner voice of intuition. 

 do good + be good =get good, never give up, and believe you CAN do it

 buy local, and be willing to build a business around your passions. 

 good & honest customer service. If you forget about your customers your business will fail, they are your bread and butter and your lifeline.

  a small inconvenience on your part may mean the world to your client. 

Don't muddy your business by trying to make money, stand true to your mission and the 'success' will follow. 

You can't please everybody. You have to stand for what you do best, what you believe, and what you set out to do. 

Customer service, with a rapid response time. 

Care about people. Your customers, your employees, your neighbors. If you take care of people, when you share your vision with them, they will help you succeed.

 when times get tough ~ expand & diversify

 Treat everyone that walks through your door like an old friend, smile because you love what you do, and go above and beyond every day.

 create an initial business plan then update it every year. It needs to contain a focused direction of the buisness for each quarter plus an quaterly earnings goal. Small steps or benchmarks to achieve the bigger vision.

 "do unto others as you would have others do unto you"

 The customer isn't always right, but the customer is always a top priority.

 Every little step you make is big. It either works or is a lesson learned.

  Expense control. Decrease overhead.

 Branding is super important. Input your name, logo etc everywhere you can. Make yourself recognizeable. And social network like crazy. Remember to really reach out to your market. If your primary customer is under 38 that social networking is particularly important.

  I can not please everyone, and I am not making best friends. I am running a business. It was a really, really hard lesson to learn. And one I struggle with daily.

  I am not a website. I am a human being! I keep the doors open. 

Your time is very valuable!! Stay organized to manage your time better and create better work flow. Don't allow your self to stray from your goals or spend too much time on something that really isn't going to benefit that goal in the end...even if it seems like a great idea in the moment....



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