Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Soaping with Phebe in the Studio

We got a nice size shipment of soap base in last week 
so there are a few pounds to spare for us girls to play with 
on a chilly, almost-October rainy day. 
Phebe came up for the design for these little soaps with starfish and fishies,
we are calling them sea scapes. 

They are scented with white grapefruit and a little bit or rosemary, 
as rosemary in fact means "Dew of the Sea."
One little sea scape she filled with starfish while the other has all cute little fish swimming in it.
The fish & starfish are made with those flexy
silicone molds intended for making fancy ice cubes, from ikea.
  Of course we had to fill in the time and make some extra girly
tiny guest soaps
while our big soaps cooled.
These little molds are perfect for soaping with small children
as most do not have the patience
to wait for large soaps to cool.  
I bought LOTS of these silicone molds this week, 
today was the perfect day to put them to use ~
Pink Poodles  &   Flower Power!
Here are Phebe's Seascapes all complete.
They remind me of schools of fish swimming around in an aquarium.


  1. Such a sweet post and how sweet your daughter is. It seems like yesterday mine was her age ... time really does fly. I never made it up to Lake George, or at least I don't remember. We would travel to the Catskills when I was little girl to visit Grandpa and Grandma. I long to move to Warwick, NY, where mom and dad settled after they retired. It's way too hot here most of the time in Central Florida ... what was I thinking????

    Happiness Always,

    1. We moved here from the Catskills 11 years ago, we loved it there so much. Warwick is such a cool town!