Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Potion Bottles and Pre-Halloween Production Mode

A common thread on soaping forums is , WHAT to do with all those empty essential oil and fragrance bottles. I am a huge fan of recycling, I NEVER throw out my empty bottles and these are still perfectly good bottles! Just not suitable for aromatherapy use anymore. 

This time of year poses the perfect solution .....

witch bottles ....

Glow in the dark snakes and lizards

Ghost bottles ....

Pendant party favors for the kiddos, 
whatever is left over at the end of the season gets handed out to trick or treaters!

Not sure if I will be listing many of these online they will mostly go to the fall craft shows & harvest vending events but if you see  a bottle you really like I will list it on etsy for you! This last one is my favorite I am kind of hoping some of these do not sell ....

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  1. These are just fabulous and magical.

    Happiness always.

    PS I don't see a place so I can follow you.