Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Polyjuice Potion

We had a 'first' in our business this weekend we actually sold 100% out of one of our soap varieties which is something we try to avoid happening.
Polyjuice  Potion is our super citrus-y, Harry Potter inspired soap, 
maybe it sold so well this weekend due to Halloween being around the corner.

We had a great weekend vending at the Adirondack Balloon Festival and there are many more photos to share from the event. But here is a little taste of Sunday Morning when ballooning conditions were perfect and all the balloons launched.

I was pretty jealous when Mr. ADKaromahterapy described how amazing it was
 as I was home with the kids,  I hope we can all go next year.

After a day or 2 or recuperating from getting up before dawn all weekend he was back in the studio today, restocking us on Polyjuice for this weekend in Lake George.  
The smell of this soap is so over-the-top fruity, 
if I am outdoors in the yard and he is making this soap, 
I can tell the second the scent hits the melted soap, 
it wafts all through the neighborhood.

This soap has also been on the popular beauty/style blog : 

as well as being entered for a book about fan art inspired by the Harry Potter series. 
We have no idea if the book will ever get off the ground but here is the shot we submitted.

Source: via Gretchen on Pinterest

photo is by our photographess supreme Susan Cosgrove from Toronto Ontario, who just happens to have relaunched her website this month, 
so please take a peek at some of her unique photographic work with special needs children.

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