Monday, September 10, 2012

Mass Production

If I make 40-50 of something that is about as mass production as I get around here. 
Sunday I made 40 lip balms and 40 amber perfume balms. Up to my elbows in beeswax, I was!

Next week we have the Adirondack Balloon Festival which is 1 of the biggest events in the area and amounts to a total of over 20 hours of vending in 3 days. 
This past weekend's event also sold us out of lots of stuff as Mr. ADKaromatherapy had a successful 2 days at Lakeside Farms event Saturday & Sunday, even in the midst of a tornado watch.  

Here is a photo of the balms looking all nicely packaged up I just had to take a photo while they look so nice and crisp and fresh, before they get exposed to the elements! 
The ambers are in Dark Amber, Patchouli, Lavender, Vetiver, Sandalwood & Jasmine Rose, I have yet to list them on ETSY. 

 I got a nice big wholesale order via the Balloon fest last year, a massage therapist in NYC, so this year I really want to be ready for whatever happens to happen! 

 NEXT will be the perfume oil, all the roll on anointing oils need to be restocked as well as the 5 ML oils ..... but today is back to the day job of course with it being Monday and all!

Tomorrow we meet with our new web master. We are super excited to get to hand over those reigns and have a fully functional shopping cart outside of etsy for the very first time as well as not having to worry about maintaining the website ourselves anymore - making for more time for us to spend in the studio doing what we do best!

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