Sunday, August 12, 2012

August in the Aromatic Garden

I just put this aroma garden in the back yard this year and it is finally filled in enough to share some photos, I also wanted to take pics before I start distilling as much of it as I can!

this is the back side garden as a whole, let's take a closer peek at some of these plants.

some mints and basil and oregano and thyme

More of the same plus some wormwood

The lemongrass did great, the lavenders not so much, 1/2 of them died :(

Comfrey, what is left of the clary sage and some cukes. this is my Glory Be Herbals corner of my garden full of all of my plants from my friend Jackie at Glory Be!

 Lemon Verbena and balm, more thymes and some sages with the ever present basil

Peppermint lemon geranium and lavender dentata, more basil!

and a big bush of rosemary. i have lots more plants that are small and just went in a couple weeks ago, some fancy marjorams and purple basil that were birthday gifts from my grandma.  
I also have the back left wall planted with more herbs and lots of roses but they are not well established & looking a little sad right now! 

We live in the village with about 1/5 of an acre to work with in addition to the fact that we need room for the kids to roam, playground equipment, swimming pool and so on which does not leave much space for gardening. So I am focusing my energies and resources on aromatic plants rather than vegetables because there are plenty of farmers with farmstands that I can buy from and they grow veggies much better than I can.

This is the 1 corner of the garden completely devoted to non aromatics, my daughter grew lots of these plants at school, in fact some of our strongest and most healthy plants we have this year were grown by her in school! She must have a teacher with a green thumb.

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