Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stuff we have been making!

Summertime,  so busy busy busy in the Soap & Scent Studio! If you are local you have heard the expression 'SARATOGA - It's the August place to be!' , well it is true we will be in Saratoga for much of August & track season every Tuesday in Congress Park through Labor Day .

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Shows will be pretty much every other day in August, leaving days in between to remake & restock on  soaps & stuffs that have been selling out. So hyperdrive season it is~ to quote a jeweler from the congress park shows in previous years, ' I go to shows, I make stuff to sell at shows, I have no life!'
yes that is August~! and sometimes November/December too..... we are most likely leaving the last weekend of August open so I can go see Duran Duran in concert, a well deserved treat after an action packed month.

speaking of Duran Duran I put together a Le Bon locket yesterday to go with my series of Le Bon Tribute Scents .....Here is my Sing, Sing ..... Blue Silver Locket prototype.

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 ... yes you can still find me thinking about Simon Le Bon approximately 90% of the time at age 38.
I always price my Le Bon sets at $19.58 (in honor of the year of his birth of course) 

Source: via Gretchen on Pinterest

Other non Duran related stuffs from the studio ~! :

 plenty of perfumes back in stock after switching to a new labeling & bottling system

distilling up a storm in June & July & hopefully August too as my garden starts to fill in better. Pictured here is Honeysuckle Rose Flower Water with flowers from my mom & grandmas gardens - 
3 generations of girl power AND flower power all in one bottle!

Mr. ADKaromatherapy made 12 lbs of this Dragons Blood Soap for a RenFaire a couple weeks ago , just 10 bars remain.  Last nite I challenged him to make 2 varieties of soap, we slept in this a.m. seeing as how it is Sunday, so we will see if he accepts the challenge!!!

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