Saturday, July 14, 2012

July News!

I have finally discovered this 'photos from phone' option for posting on blogger, or it has just been added to blogger options, I am not sure which. But either way I will be able to post photo blogs so much more easily & simply now, & I am all about that!  So without further ado, time to play a little catch-up -here is what Adirondack Aromatherapy has been up to so far this summer .

 Happiness is: a Wagonload of lavender plants

Clary Sage in bloom!
This plant came to NY straight from Kentucky! Sent all the way to the ADKs by my friend Jackie at Glory Be Herbals  .

What I do not have many photos of yet are pics of my new aromatic garden I planted in the backyard this summer but I can post at least a couple teasers.

I just finished the mulching yesterday; yes, my garden is always a month or so behind everyone else, try as I may every year, life just gets in the way. I will take & post more pics as the garden fills in a little better. So far I have planted: white & tea roses, lavenders, rosemarys, sages, st. johns wort,  mints, thymes, coriander, & more.

Here my St. Johns Wort oil I brewed up sets in the fairy sanctuary area of my garden.

Been picking & freezing all the black raspberries I can find.
 Catnip I rescued, growing like weeds from my neighbor's compost heap.

Morgana enjoyed the catnip immensely! 

'All the thyme in the world' 
Red thyme grows all around the Adirondack region & banks of the Hudson River - our local beach we visit at least 1x a week since it is right behind the library, where we go every other day. Support your local libraries, friends!!!!!

Wild Old Churchyard Roses - these went into my bath salts, - I mean, "Salts for the Bath."
One of the benefits of my part time job as a church secretary - access to the church gardens! 

Well that seems to be all the photos from my phone Blogspot will fetch for me for now.

We are taking a couple weekends off from craft shows to restock, regroup, work on household projects & spend time with family. We are still at the Schroon Lake Market every Thursday. There was even an article written about us in the Schroon Laker Blog. Our next weekend show will be 7/21, the Hadley Luzerne Riverside Festival, another library benefit.  Weekend after that I will be volunteering at the Corinth Library Book sale - 
Did I mention? ---->  Support your local libraries!!!!! 
Next blog will be some of the newer products we have been concocting in the studio! & Mr. ADKaromatherapy promises to post a guest blog of the renaissance fest he went to a couple weeks ago .

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