Friday, July 13, 2012

Back to School!

Yes I know school has not been out for a month yet here in NYS, yet here I am posting a back to school themed blog. When I was in school myself I would wonder why the back to school sales started so early in the summer. But now that I am a mom of 3, I know that no one can afford to buy all those clothes & school supplies, at once. I can't, can you?!? So I have started the back to school shopping, with getting the kids their pairs of back to school shoes over the past week.

In fact our 2 eldest children graduated from middle school just about 3 weeks ago and we will have 2 high schoolers come this September. Congratulations to my big kids, Simon & Cassidy.

Cassidy is away at camp this week & Simon has basically taken up residence in front of the xbox for the summer but luckily his friend stopped by yesterday & pried him away from the TV for long enough for a swim in the pool & a few games of Magic: The Gathering .

In other 'back to school' news, I myself am 'back to school' , finally tackling part 2 of my aromatherapy certification class.  It is a huge undertaking. My part I certification was 50 hours. My new class is 10+ chapters and over 500 hours total. So basically each chapter is the study hour equivalent of my entire first class. I am learning lots fast tho I admit at first it was hard to get my brain back into that 'student' mode again at age 38. 

I am not only spending lots of time reading & writing but also out in the field and in the garden. So look for & expect many photo blogs soon, as I embark on my aromatic & botanical adventures!

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