Saturday, June 16, 2012

LARAC Weekend Thus Far


Such a sunny & beautiful weekend at the LARAC & ZONTA Country Fair thus far this year, in Downtown Glens Falls.  As opposed to last year where it rained for every second of every day both Saturday & Sunday. A truly  perfect day, not too hot and a nice breeze, sold lots of soap as usual & met so many nice & fun people.  As you can see from the photo I enjoy collecting vintage jewelry boxes, for displaying my smelly goods in.

We are enjoying a short reprise tonight and putting our feet up briefly while snacking on leftover kettle corn from the fair, before heading out once again first thing tomorrow a.m. & doing it all over again! We will be on the Zonta side of the lot, until 4 pm tomorrow if you would like to stop by. 

 Mr. ADKaromatherapy usually mans the booth at all our shows, I usually don't make it out to many craft fairs due to the fact that we have a young daughter with autism who doesn't enjoy noisy crowds so much. But Phebe is spending the weekend with grandma so I can attend this weekend's show, thanks Grandma! Phebe's fave thing to do with g-ma is make cupcakes.

Mmmmmm, Red Velvet!

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