Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We Are Mom & Pop , and a Big Thank You.

Gretchen & Thomas aka the Mom & Pop of ADKAromatherapy

A version of this small business poster has been making the rounds on facebook and the internet. 
It is so true and I really hope more people are putting this philosophy into action. Taking this small step in your own buying habits will bring more change to this country and individuals lives than any occupy movement can ever hope to achieve.

Here at Adirondack Aromatherapy we have a small little studio, in the back of our house in a small little village in the Adirondack Mountains. 
Here we also parent 3 kids on the autism spectrum. 
Simon, age 14 has Aspergers Syndrome. 
Cassidy age 14 has PDD NOS (autism) and numerous developmental delays. 
Phebe, age 5 also is diagnosed as PDD-NOS.

Yesterday, the 1st of the month, the etsy bill & stats for the month of April came in. 
We made just under $1000 on etsy last month.
Does running a small business pay all the bills? 
Heck no, not by a long shot.  
I personally work 2 jobs outside of the home while Thomas spends nearly every weekend away from home at vendor events and craft shows. 
But running a home based business is what helps keep us at home, with our kids, where we belong. Every day we are here waiting for them when they get off the school bus and if they need something or if their school staff needs us, all they need to do is call and we come running . 
And that is invaluable to us & all 3 of the kids.
We have never had to put any our kids in day care, ever.

100% every purchase you make at ADKaromatherapy goes toward supporting our 3 kids and their significant needs.  
Summer is coming, school districts across the nation have cut funding for  Extended School Year (summer) programs and now is the time of year to hustle and find some activities and events to keep the kids busy, on track and focused for the summer months.  These summer camps and activities are not cheap and most assuredly are a drain on the family finances.

So a big huge thank you goes out to to all our customers, both near and far,
from the bottom of our hearts, 
 for helping us in this mission and in our journey.
And thanks from all the kids, too.




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