Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Common Sense Aromatherapy and Herbalism

Last night I could not sleep. I keep a bottle neroli hydrosol on my bed stand for such occasions. I sprayed down my hair and face, sleep continued to elude me. I sprayed down my heart, solar plexus and root chakras, a little better but still no sleep. Finally I sprayed straight onto my eyelids. 10....9....8....7.....6..... ahhhhh at last! A dreamy blissful sleep was soon to follow.

I have been a practitioner of Reiki for 15+ years now. In performing Reiki I often get the same sensation I described from last night, a feeling of 'chasing down' the root of the problem.  Very often when I feel drawn to a particular hand position to release the unwanted energy present, that energy simply moves to a different place in my body. Then I proceed to continue 'chasing' that energy around my body using the various Reiki hand positions, until it goes away.

Hydrosol aromatherapy works on a more subtle, energetic level than essential oil aromatherapy. It makes so much sense that using hydrosols would have an effect similar to Reiki.  Also significant was the fact that spraying on my eyelids finally put me to sleep.
Can you get much more common sense is that?

When true healing occurs,  you can feel a shift happening, and a real and genuine deep healing is taking place. In a genuinely therapeutic incident patience is rewarded. As opposed to the 'magic bullet' solution that many people in the Western culture have become accustomed to expect.

This is my own personal philosophy, anyways, we needn't be so aggressive with our bodies, our therapies, we should be gentle on ourselves. One of my favorite examples is the Multi Level Marketers who condone use of 'neat' (undiluted) essential oils on the skin using techniques such as 'Raindrop Therapy' . Can you use some essential oils on the skin undiluted? Sure you can, if you know what you are doing. Should you? If you are trying to sell more product to your consumer, absolutely you want to encourage them to use as much product as possible.  However in more traditional forms of therapeutic aromatherapy we know a  EO dilution of about 4% in a carrier base, sometimes even much less, to be sufficient.

Here are some basic examples from the plant world using some of the most commonly known remedies in modern herbalism:

Do you  take Echinacea when you begin to feel sick, like you are coming down with a cold?
No. You take Echinacea  when it is bloom. A reminder from Mother Nature to strengthen your immune system before the cold season hits. And do you only take a tincture or tea of the root? No to that also, though some of us have been taught that the root contains the most active concentrated immune boosting compounds. If you make a tincture of the whole plant, flower, leaf and root, you get the benefit of the whole plant. Same goes for St. John's Wort. You take the energies of the whole aerial parts of the plant in bloom (never overharvesting tho). Modern studies tell us that when using St. John's for depression it takes about 6 weeks to feel the full effect, in a similar manner to the modern SSRI pills that doctors prescribe. That means if you start drinking a St John's tea when he is in bloom in July, you are all set for when the days begin to shorten and some people start to feel the effects of  Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Isn't Mother nature so smart kind and generous to share her secrets with us!

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