Saturday, April 28, 2012

April News from Adirondack Aromatherapy

Here is my little munchkin sitting at the Aromabar with me at  Lunaroma in Burlington Vermont . 
I was nervous about bringing her there but she was such a good girl.
I have had aspiration to visit this place since seeing it online. 
1 of the most beautiful well stocked aromabars in the country. 

We had a winner for our 1000 Facebook fan, 2 year anniversary on Etsy giveaway. 
This gift of soaps and accessories went off to West Coast Canada! 
We may not be very well traveled but our products are!

 I ordered this lovely 'surprise package' from Glory Be Herbals on Etsy! 
She sends so much awesome stuff, like a surprise present for yourself! 
There are products in here to die for I will hopefully post some reviews soon. 
My skin is all glowy and healthy thanks to Jackie at Glory Be :) 

Here is the outside view of Lunaroma! 
I hope I can go back next year it is a good 3 hour drive from my home, 
but you can order from them online too. 
I am featuring some of their gorgeous vetiver from India in a new perfume oil I have concocted. 
Next East Coast aromatherapy pilgrimage is to Enfleurage in NYC!

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  1. I've been to Enfleurage-you're going to love it! I appreciate the post about the surprise package!