Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Busy Week in the Studio

Preparedness is key when you run a small business and here this week we have had a couple excellent examples. We usually intentionally try to keep a pretty low stock this time of year. January is traditionally a slow month for sales with the holidays being over, few, little or no craft shows to attend, and not many people with extra cash in their pockets  after gift buying season and before tax refunds come in. We don't want lots of soaps & oils sitting on the shelf for extended periods of time; we want the freshest stock possible at all times.

But .... I get a call last week from the husband of a massage therapist who says his wife is 'in love with' our oils and to send everything we have that is available in 1 ounce size.  So 30 ounces later we now have a great many of our single note oils and blends being used by Olga in Brooklyn. If you are in or around the NYC area please consider treating yourself to a massage with our oils by the very talented Olga at Beauty by Olga and tell her Gretchen from ADKaromatherapy sent you. I believe she even sends you home with a little bottle of oil, made just for you.

Then .... a bride contacts me for a kit for a perfume party she wants to throw as part of her bridal shower and I put this together for her :

Offering an aroma bar as part of a shower or party really is tons of fun, therapeutic as well as educational, and also calorie free!  If you are considering doing this it really is very cost effective if you split the cost with friends.

In summary between these orders and an order for our Aromatherapy Introduction Kit I have had a huge stock of empty 1 ounce bottles sitting in the studio unused for several months as we do not usually offer many oils in 1 ounce sizes, and now I am nearly out, and it's time to go buy some more with that preparedness notion in mind!

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