Thursday, June 3, 2010


Rosewood - uplifting, stimulating, aphrodisiac
Frankincense - Restoring, relaxing, helps to induce a meditative state and even breathing patterns
Ylang Ylang - Soothing, exotic and floral, aphrodisiac
Bergamot - member of the citrus family, stimulating + de-stressing.
Excellent drying agent for oily complexions
Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, and other citrus - cheering, energizing, mentally stimulating
Lemongrass - sedating, insect repellent, brings relief to sore muscles & headaches
Eucalyptus - healing & restoration for wounds, muscle sprains & strains, as well as insect bites & stings
Nutmeg - warm, comforting & euphoric
Basil - insect repellent, tonic for nerves & sleep aid
Camphor - eases sore muscles & chest congestion, a natural source of menthol
Neroli - aphrodisiac, tones aging skin, mood lifter, soothing to the gastro-intestinal system
Citronella - widely known as an insect repellent, also valuable in staving off infections such as common cold & flu viruses
Jasmine - intoxicating aroma, balancing for the emotions and mood enhancing, also an aphrodisiac
Hyssop - widely used in biblical times, it is a psychological regulator which helps restore balance to the nervous system
Juniper - valued for skin disorders and eczema. Can be used as an appetite suppressant
Melissa/Lemon Balm - Studies show impressive improvement when used with children with ADHD in a classroom setting
Geranium - reduces symptoms of PMS, expedites healing in skin conditions
Anise - use in moderation for muscle pain and indigestion
Pine - combats fatigue and sore muscles
Patchouli - rich, powerfully earthy fragrance that calms the nerves
Sage - Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, invaluable in skin care
Sandalwood - powerful aphrodisiac for men, soothing for irritated skin
Clove - infamous throughout history for it's use as a dental pain killer, also antibacterial and antibiotic
Ginger - stimulating to both digestive & circulatory system

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