Monday, March 8, 2010


Always dilute Essential Oils in carrier oils or unscented body care products before applying them to the body. Some cost effective examples are:
almond oil
safflower oil
sunflower oil
olive oil
avocado oil
apricot kernel oil

Jojoba Oil is ideal for many applications due to the fact that it does not go rancid & has an indefinite shelf life - but Jojoba is a bit more pricey.

Number of essential oil drops to use with carrier base quantity :
A good general guideline is 10 -12 drops per fluid ounce of carrier.
1 drop per teaspoon (tsp.) for 1% dilution
2 drops per tsp. for 2% dilution
and 3 -4 drops per tsp. for 3% dilution
Essential Oils are safe for topical application in these dilutions.

When diluting essential oils :
Use a maximum dilution of 0.5% on the face, with small children, and individuals weakened by illness or age.

1- 2 % dilution is the standard recommendation for healthy adults.

Use up to 2 - 3 % if you have experience with essential oils and enjoy them in strong concentrations.

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